The TrioxBio Vision

Our vision is a reality of life-saving medications intended to solve as yet unmet needs where Nitric Oxide access plays a major role.


The mission of TrioxBio Inc. is a steadfast dedication to the development and commercialization of proprietary synthetic small molecules to treat pathologic states caused by the overproduction of Nitric Oxide (NO). Our company has conducted numerous clinical trials  demonstrating the safety and efficacy of its lead candidate, and believes it is developing the most effective NOS inhibitor to date.


We have applied to the FDA for two orphan drug designations requests for vasoplegic syndrome and intradialytic hypotension, in our mission to bring the safest and most effective NOS inhibition small molecule to the market. On August 29, 2016, our request was approved by the FDA for intradialytic hypotension, which represents a great step forward for TrioxBio’s research, placing the company in a competitive position to achieve its goal of offering the best-in-class therapy for treatment of two crucial forms of hypotension, as well as bringing long-overdue relief to the overall migraine population.

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